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Nour Palace
Mahdia Palace Thalasso

Thalasso Nour Palace
Thalasso Nour Palace

General description

of the center Nour Palace


Location:The center is integrated to our hotel Nour Palace 5 * located directly on a beautiful sandy beach, 40 km from the international airport of Monastir and 65 km from sousse.2500 m² area.

Team: doctors, physiotherapists, thalassotherapy technicians, hydrotherapists, hygienists and beauticians.

Hygiene and safety: Application of international standards in force. Opening hours: from 09:00 to 18:30

Technical sheet : the center has a capacity of 150 curists and a surface of 2500 m².

The spaces:

  •  Reception and reception area
  •  02 locker rooms and combing
  •  Medical area: consulting offices and infirmary
  •  Wet care
  •  Dry care: classic and scpecific massages
  •  Beauty space: hairdressing and aesthetics
  •  Relaxation room
  •  02 tea shops
  •  Shop of sale: products of marine extracts, essential oils.